2018 New E20-920 Cloud Architect (EMCCA) exam braindumps

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Share some Cloud Architect (EMCCA) E20-920 exam questions and answers below.
A company is in the process of utilizing exposed cloud computing APIs in order to access database, storage, and e-commerce capabilities for their cloud applications. Which type of APIs are these?

A. Infrastructure

B. Service

C. Application

D. Configuration.

Answer: C

A company is designing their service catalog. They plan to manage access to offered services based on the job functions of their consumers. What is this an example of?

A. Role-based access control

B. Single sign-on

C. Security profiles

D. Resource monitoring

Answer: A

An IT organization for a leading apparel retailer has a relatively small budget to deliver IT services. They are functioning in a legacy operating model and face typical challenges of up-front costs, underutilized resources, and low productivity.What is the most important financial goal for them in offering cloud services?

A. Adopt a Cost to Serve model

B. Reduce their capital expenses

C. Be more transparent about their costs

D. Hire executives with strong financial backgrounds

Answer: A

An appliances manufacturing company that has been in business for many decades is concerned about the slowing growth in their business. They feel that this is mainly due to not being able to retain customers.Which industry force and related technology need might be impacting this?

A. Need for social networks to advertise appliances

B. Need for intelligent machines to produce appliances

C. Need for mobile applications to buy appliances

D. Need for big data analytics to detect buying trends

Answer: D

An organization is deploying services in a private cloud. Consumers are calling IT because they are seeing performance issues within the deployed services. How should IT troubleshoot and identify these performance issues?

A. Cloud administrator uses the monitoring tools

B. Service manager uses the monitoring tools

C. Cloud architect uses the metering tools

D. Cloud administrator uses the metering tools

Answer: B

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