2018 New H13-522-ENU HCNP-Cloud exam questions

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Share some HCNP-Cloud H13-522-ENU exam questions and answers below.
What main components does FusionShpere include? (Multiple choice)

A. FusionManager

B. FusionInsight

C. FusionCompute

D. FusionAccess

Answer: AC

Technical characteristics of UItraVR host copying disaster recovery plan include ___. (Multiple choice)

A. one-button disaster recovery switch, disaster drills and planned migration

B. No need to install agent software in a virtual machine

C. does not depend on the storage device, supports a variety of storage types

D. support disaster recovery of the whole virtual machine (including the system volume and data volumes)

Answer: ABCD

FusionSphere network communications plane is divided into business plane, the memory plane and ____, and the three planes are isolated.

A. Virtualization plane

B. Management Plane

C. physical plane

D. Host plane

Answer: B

Huawei computing virtualization support loaning memory pages between different virtual machines, release the more free virtual machine memory to virtual machines with higher memory utilization, thereby which can enhance memory utilization?

A. Memory sharing

B. memory replacement

C. memory bubble

D. All of the above

Answer: C

Which of the following types of disaster do FusionSphere disaster recovery plan include? (Multiple choice)

A. storage remote copy disaster recovery

B. metro dual-active disaster recovery

C. Host remote copy disaster recovery

D. the virtual machine application disaster recovery

Answer: ABCD

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